The Day After

A Vision for the Future for Waitrose, through a Sustainable Masterplan that values economic, social and environmental aspects equally, creating a real Sense of Place.

The new 17,000sqm head quarter campus organises business groups around a pocket park and street within a strong social infrastructure improving wellbeing, effecting behavioural change to enhance knowledge share and creativity to the betterment of the brand.

The densification improves efficiencies creating economic benefits that provide commercial advantage whilst the environmental focus, particularly respecting Wildridings, the Ancient Woodland and new landscape, reinforces the company brand and values set out by John Spedan Lewis.

  • Client
  • Waitrose & John Lewis Partnership
  • Description
  • Business Campus.
  • Size
  • 26 ha masterplan area, 134,700 sqm building.
  • Our Role
  • Architects, Masterplanners, Sustainable Masterplan and Concepts.