Beating the odds

Team Juice completed the Prudential London Surrey 100 with pride and a huge gratitude to those who supported us and organised the event.

With a 4:30 morning alarm call the day just got better. With perfect conditions it was an absolute privilege to ride through the centre of London, with my colleagues and thousands of other cyclists, warming in the early morning sun. London is an extraordinary city and made the more so when you can ride on car free roads – it takes on another special quality and is the only city in the World that hosts such an event and consequently attracts riders from across the globe.

There was a huge comradery between all of the cyclists and there was encouraging support from all the crowds lining the route early in the morning, some being out at as early as 6:30 in the morning.

Memories of those long painful hours training and diet vanished as the route unravelled and we moved out to the Surrey Hills.

Throughout that training one thing we were all nervous about were the hills at Leith Hill at 60 miles and Box Hill at 70 miles. Having heard horrendous stories of the ‘wall’ and cyclist cracking on the slopes we crested both with aplomb - in fact we thought Box Hill was almost flat! So, downhill back to the Mall, via the noisiest crowds at Kingston and the sharp shock of Wimbledon Hill, short but steep at 90 miles.

Then the smiles – the Mall in sunshine with thousands slapping the boards and the finish line. Dismount, hug, cry……emotions. Tired legs and exhaustion. Would we do it again? – absolutely if we are lucky enough.

The day will remain in our memories not only for our own personal reasons, but for the sheer spirit that the event holds to those that ride it, those who organise and the thousands who line the route to encourage the riders. London is special and this is one way why it excels.

The real spirit is less obvious so we would all like to shine a light on those who sponsored us on behalf of Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients Foundation - NETS. Through your generosity you raised a total of £4,300 for this little known charity who I know will be incredibly appreciative – so thank you again.

We hope we have raised awareness of this charity and the support it provides. NET Patient Foundation; formed in 2006 and currently the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to providing support and information to people affected by neuroendocrine cancers.

Finally, if you would like to join those who sponsored us and reduce the odds, it is never too late.

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